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Miami is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most vibrant and desirable cities. Yet for so many residents, the city is increasingly unaffordable – a situation that threatens individual well-being and the local economy. With an eye towards making sure that Miami’s growth offers opportunity for all who live here, Miami Leadership Local has brought together local business leaders and philanthropists to publicly discuss the important issues affecting the quality of life and economic mobility of South Floridians, and seek solutions.

On Friday, October 27, Miami-based law firm Bilzin Sumberg hosted Miami Leadership Local’s inaugural Economic Mobility Summit, which explored the most salient challenges faced by South Floridians, such as housing affordability, workforce readiness, childcare solutions, and improving education, among others. The event served as a valuable opportunity for business leaders to talk with other business leaders and philanthropists to talk with other philanthropists to arrive at practical and sustainable approaches to tackling local challenges. The Summit will continue to take place annually, while working groups centered on specific challenges discussed at the Summit will meet throughout the year to refine and advance their ideas for improving local livability.

If you are interested in hosting the 2024 Summit or supporting it with a sponsorship, please contact Jane Wooldridge, Senior Director, Miami Herald /el Nuevo Herald, or 786-547-1147

About Miami Leadership Local: Miami Leadership Local is an initiative led by the Miami Herald in partnership with the Miami Foundation and the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, that convenes local business and community leaders to discuss Miami’s most pressing socio-economic issues, and create a dialogue on potential solutions that should be considered by various stakeholders and authorities. The inaugural Miami Leadership Local Summit represents the first of a series of business community-led forums facilitated by the initiative.

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Are you ready to make a positive impact on the future of South Florida? Join us in shaping the path towards a brighter tomorrow through the Miami Leadership Local initiative. We're excited to introduce an exclusive platform where widely respected local business leaders come together to openly discuss the crucial issues that influence our community's quality of life and economic prosperity.

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