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Miami-Dade Beacon Council Report: Defining the problem

United Way 2023 ALICE Report: More than half of Miami-Dade residents live in poverty or at the ALICE level

Miami Herald, 10/23/23: Miami-Dade home prices cool while Broward prices rise

WUSF, 9/28/23: Despite minimum wage increase, and growing Florida economy, many workers are struggling to make ends meet


Miami Herald, 9/15/23: Inflation in Miami area, again, tops the U.S. 

WLRN, 8/7/23: Longstanding quality of life problems are driving out Miami-Dade residents

Children’s Trust Report: The critical importance of childcare

Florida Chamber Foundation Report: Untapped Potential FL

Miami Herald, 6/5/19: Priced Out of Paradise: Why locals can no longer afford to live in Miami


Miami Herald Chart: Housing Costs

For your consideration: Ideas on how your organization can enhance economic mobility

Follow-Up Report: Miami Leadership Local

Meeting Minutes: February 2, 2024

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